The wines of DO Empordà in 2020

by  |  16-06-2020

In years past and in times not like these, whenever visiting Alt Empordà in the far northeast of Catalunya, I’d try to find a way to have a drink on the terrace of the Almadraba... more »

Wines of the Cap de Creus, Catalonia

by  |  25-05-2015

For me, Cap de Creus has always been a special place. It was one of the first parts of DO Empordà that I started exploring in 2007 and the cellars there were the first of... more »

Martin Faixó’s Open Doors II

by  |  09-03-2013

Starting last year, Cap de Creus’s Martin Faixó did something a little novel. As they had two restaurants in Cadaqués prior to opening their winery in 2007 they decided to hold an event that celebrated... more »

When the cork fails

by  |  08-10-2012

With all of the Tumblrs out there like Rich Cats of Instagram, Stuff on my dog’s head, or belated “dear leader” Kim Jong Il Looking at Things, I can’t believe that there isn’t “Cork Fail”... more »

Experiencing Perelada’s Finca Garbet 2005

by  |  18-06-2012

The general trend of wineries in Empordà is to have an array of wines ranging from lower end to higher end. The definition of what these price points are can vary a great deal. In... more »

Climbing the terraces of Hugas de Batlle

by  |  15-03-2012

Without a doubt, it had to be the dumbest time in recent history to be traipsing about the mountains of upper Empordà. While the Tramuntana is a wind that blows all year long, it was... more »

A view of terraced vineyards

by  |  12-02-2012

For the past week, we’ve been hopping around Alt Empordà, researching wines for our forthcoming Empordà enotourism guide. Naturally, this being February, it’s been cold, really cold. To add to that, there has been something... more »

Joan Sardà Feixes del Port 2005

by  |  10-09-2011

The wines of Joan Sardà aren’t often encountered outside of Spain. Although their Penedès region wines are easier to find, the ones from Cap de Creus are not. They’re definitely good wines, but the years... more »

Perafita’s first release

by  |  02-12-2010

This is an article from our archives that was previously run on another site in June, 2007. While staying in Catalonia for a few days, we set out from Figueres to make a day trip... more »