Road leading to "Los Laureles"

Single vineyard certifications come to the Canarias

by  |  20-07-2022

The Denomination of Origin Islas Canarias (the DO created in 2012 that covers all the islands) updated its pliego de condiciones (by-laws) one year ago this month. These revisions don’t happen often so there were... more »

The Hail Mary to save La Palma’s vine heritage

by  |  15-06-2022

It was on September 19th, 2021 that the Cumbre Vieja volcanic ridge in the island of la Palma, Spain began a massive, three-month long eruption. It’s no small thing to say that this was a... more »

The price and growth of vineyards in Spain

by  |  20-11-2014

We’ve reached that point of the year where ESYRCE (the tip of the tongue acronym for “Encuesta sobre Superficies y Rendimientos Cultivos”) is releasing their official figures for 2014. In brief, everything is more or... more »