Château Musar – Rouge 2002

by  |  10-02-2023

It is a strange fact of life that there always seems to be a bottle of Château Musar in the cellar. I’m never fully sure from whence they come, but I know that it’s not... more »

Bordeaux 2021, En Primeur

by  |  18-05-2022

After three years away, the world’s wine professionals landed upon Bordeaux this spring for the (previously) annual En Primeur campaign covering the 2021 vintage. The general takeaway? Great estates made great wines. All others, take... more »

A visit to Vine Hill Ranch

by  |  21-01-2022

When talking about vineyards in Napa Valley, inevitably one name will always come up: To-Kalon. Known for being the source of many sought-after wines and more infamously for being the source of protracted legal battles... more »

Tomas Cusiné goes small

by  |  09-06-2021

While Costers del Segre may be one of Catalunya’s most unknown Denominations of Origin (DOs), one of the most active and driven producers within it is, Tomàs Cusiné located in the village of Vilosell, in... more »

In The Glass: Mollydooker – The Maitre’D 2017

by  |  03-03-2021

Mollydooker, it’s a name you remember with a brand image you simply can’t forget. Aussie slang for a “left-handed person” (which the founders both were), I’ve seen the wines for years whenever up in the... more »

In The Glass: Crivellé i Valls – Llàgrimes del Priorat 2018

by  |  06-11-2020

Whenever anyone asks me what judging wine is like, I tell them that it’s very hard, tiring work and they invariably laugh at me. I realize it’s impossible to imagine that swishing and smelling wine... more »

In The Glass: Jack Winery – Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

by  |  24-08-2020

My last trip to Napa Valley was for a wine writing symposium which meant staying in the valley for an entire week. For someone from San Francisco used to day trips up there, it was... more »

Playing the game of Three-Cab Monte

by  |  14-02-2020 ~ 3 Comments

I was leading a tasting recently and out of random curiosity, one of the clients asked, "By the way, what Cabernet Sauvignons can you recommend?" I wasn't really expecting that as we were tasting through... more »

In Cain I Trust

by  |  17-06-2019

When writing about wine, everything digital is your best friend–right after a spittoon. A lightweight laptop, or in a pinch, the mobile, armed with either Google Keep for quick notes or Excel for longer tastings... more »

A gateway to Lebanese wine: Hochar Père et Fils 2015

by  |  22-04-2019

There are random appearances of Château Musar’s “Grand Vin” at a wine and liquor shop in the Duty Free of Stansted Airport which seem to be dictated by the laws of chaos. The temptation has... more »