In The Glass: Drouhin Vaudon Chablis 2018

by  |  24-06-2022

It’s not a terribly bold statement to say that blind tasting is challenging. In addition to the wealth of wines around the world and countless ways to vinify the same variety in a different manner,... more »

A book review of “Inside Burgundy 2nd Ed.”

by  |  13-12-2021 ~ 2 Comments

"Hotly anticipated" is a phrase that's more than a bit overused in the world of wine books. I mean, they're books and they're about wine. We're not talking about Harry Potter sequels here. But if... more »
Photo from Vins de Bourgogne

Burgundy’s 2021 harvest

by  |  01-10-2021

The balance for wine in 2021 has hung delicately around the world for various reasons that are simply too many to delve into. In Europe however, there’s been a lean split between north and south.... more »

In The Glass: Domaine Changarnier – Pierrefitte 2014

by  |  11-05-2021

The thankless chore in tasting wines from Bourgogne (*) is the never-ending quest to find those that you can not only enjoy but also that you can “readily” afford. This was a large part of... more »

Going virtually to Burgundy via their new maps

by  |  22-06-2020 ~ 1 Comment

In regards to the issues surrounding wine events during this pandemic, a mighty fat bummer was the cancellation of Grands Jours du Bourgogne, a week-long event that takes places over the various subregions of Burgundy,... more »

A review of film “Back to Burgundy” (“Ce qui nous lie”)

by  |  17-04-2020

Before diving into this review of "Back to Burgundy", I have to set the stage as to how I came at this film. You see, I happen to love the films by this French film... more »

In the Glass: Domaine de Courcel – Bourgogne Rouge 2014

by  |  30-09-2019

To love the wines of Burgundy has for some time been a cursed passion as the prices for top wines make them far too costly to enjoy on regular occasion unless perhaps one is a... more »

The 2017 Wine Predictions in review

by  |  18-01-2018

It’s one thing in wine to shoot your mouth off at the beginning of the year about what you believe will come to be in the next 12 months. In reality, it’s a crapshoot as... more »

A book review of “In Vino Duplicitas”

by  |  08-08-2017 ~ 1 Comment

The entire Rudy Kurniawan affair was sordid and I've read countless articles about the story since it broke years and years ago. Despite this, Peter Hellman's new book, "In Vino Duplicitas" brought out many bits... more »

Wine Predictions for 2017

by  |  28-12-2016

This is of course that time of year when anyone writing in wine sets forth their grand predictions for this next trip around the sun. Yay! They can sometimes be interesting but, despite its slow... more »