Biondivino brings on the bruschetta24-09-2014

Assuming that it is an actual word, we have great enamorosity of Ceri Smith and her shop, Biondivino in San Francisco. We’re addicted to her tastings as well as her recommendations and knowledge of Italian... more>

A life sans caviste is not living at all09-08-2013

There are two definitions for the French word, “caviste”. The first is the enological one in that it is the person in charge of the cellar. The second would be easy to translate simply as... more>

Wines, bites, and et al07-01-2013

Sadly, a little while after publication of this article, this wonderful space closed… Sometime back, we mentioned that our good friend Ceri Smith, the owner of the lovely Italian wine shop in San Francisco, Biondivino... more>

The Pošip of Krajančić28-11-2011

The islands off the coast of Croatia are nothing short of stunning and Korčula is the one island that has the advantage of not being a long, once-a-day ferry ride away from the mainland, and... more>

Biondivino Vinicola Benanti tasting11-11-2011

It’s one of those rare gems in the wine world when you’re afforded the chance to do a true vertical tastings. Sure, you can get a glimpse of this when you visit a winery and... more>

Giovanni Rosso tasting with the winemaker28-10-2011

It’s pretty much a guarantee that whatever winery Biondivino chooses to host for a tasting, the offer will be great. And such was the case with David Rosso of Giovanni Ross pouring a few bottles... more>

Slovenia makes a lot of out a little27-05-2011

Slovenia is a remarkable little country. With a population just over two million, a shape like a running chicken, and most every place within a 1.5 hour drive from the capital, Ljubljana, they do some... more>

A neighborhood tasting at Biondivino11-05-2011

On the West Coast of the US, in this day and age of supermarket wine shopping, it’s often very hard to find places to buy wine that have that personal touch and where the very... more>