A farewell to beloved Barcelona wine bar, Monvínic

by  |  05-10-2020

Monvínic, one of the first truly-dedicated wine bars in Barcelona that was once hailed as the best wine bar in the world by a Wall Street Journal columnist, finally announced last week that they’ve closed... more »

25 years of Torre Muga

by  |  14-10-2019

Mid-October in Barcelona is still Mediterranean in terms of weather as summer clings to the days but is yet graced by a glint of cool air coming in at the fringes of the season. This... more »

A soirée of White Grenache

by  |  30-11-2017

Starting in October, we’ve been seeing a roll out of events to lead up to the next edition of Grenaches du Monde in April. If you’ve not heard of this event that’s because it rather... more »

The Creation of Priorat Singulars

by  |  17-11-2017

In Barcelona, Spain on November 27th, a new association of wine producers from the DOQ Priorat appellation in Catalonia officially presented of their new group and concluded with a tasting that included current releases as... more »
A warehouse is beautiful once full of wine

Vins Nus, Simplesmente Vinho, & the search for a tolerable Spanish wine fair

by  |  08-03-2016

I have bitched mightily in the past about how patently horrible wine fairs are in Spain. This however is not a continuation of this series as I attended the Vins Nus fair last Sunday and... more »

The one Euro wine blind tasting

by  |  02-11-2015

Recently, on the social mediaz of Spain a video was released on El Comidista that basically showed a cheap, one Euro bulk wine tricking the professionals in to thinking it was some grand, yet small... more »

Defining “wine bar”

by  |  31-03-2015

What seems like a century ago but was really just in 2008, I wrote a smacky little article on my personal website about my frustration with wine bars in San Francisco. Despite not being the... more »

Tasting Cat Negre 2012

by  |  24-03-2015

A couple of months ago I wrote that 10 Sentits had released a new wine called, Cat Negre. A blend of selections from 10 Grenache vineyards from the 10 denominations of origin in Catalonia (minus... more »

The Monvínic wine universe

by  |  14-02-2015

Amazingly it seems, I’ve never fully written up anything on this site about Monvínic, the renown wine bar in Barcelona. I’ve definitely been there plenty but being that it’s something of a place for people... more »

Goodbye Colmado Quilez, goodbye Barcelona

by  |  30-01-2015

For those who love Spain and haven’t been in awhile, you’ve basically lost your chance to see the country as it was. Starting January 1, 2015, the commercial rent control law of 1964 is no... more »