DO Empordà 2019

While a relatively small total of wines at about 60, this tasting was designed around sampling wines that are “signature” aspects to the region so there was Carignan, Grenache, Grenache Gris, as well as dessert wines in plentiful supply. Overall, a very healthy selection showing a region that goes from strength to strength. Note that all wines were tasted blind during at the beginning of July, 2019 with a pickup session that was also blind in October with the exception of the “Anna Espelt” wines which were tasted at the cellar.

Published: 14-11-2019
Total Wines: 59
Year Wine Color
2015 Anna Espelt - Mas Marès Escumós White
2018 Martín Faixò - Perafita Picapoll White
2018 Espelt - Quinze Roures White
2017 Mas Pòlit - Terra Indika Red
2018 Vinyes d'Olivardots - Finca Olivardots – Groc d’àmfora Amber
2017 Espelt - Garnatxa Negra Old Vines Red
2017 Pere Guardiola - Joncària White
2016 Mas Llunes - Rhodes Red
2016 Celler Cooperatiu d'Espolla - Antima Red
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