How to approach wine writing

by  |  23-12-2015

While I generally enjoy the articles on Tim Atkin, Master of Wine, this one entitled, “Where are all the wine stories?” by Felicity Carter went above and beyond in terms of content, truths, and general observations about writing in wine. It was merely a reflection on her part about working as an editor for a publication in wine and she wrote it while laid up in a hospital recovering and reading texts that were not about wine. The main takeaway being that wine journalism has lost, or possibly never has had much of a narrative spine to it. It’s one of those things that you dismiss initially but come back to with a grand, sweeping, “Holy shit…” realization that it is indeed true. There is a cycle of pitching in the wine world which is essentially a shotgun effect of tossing story ideas at editors and publishers until something eventually […]
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