DO Tarragona also gets an update

About 3-4 years ago public money was made available for the various DOs in Catalunya to “app themselves”. Due to this, various apps popped up and various levels of maintenance ensued as once the projects were “completed”, keeping the data up to date on them was less of a priority. That was an additional issue on top of the primary one in that who really wants a single app for a single DO in a single region of Spain? It just goes to show how sexy app-ness was at one point.

While I sound skeptical of the effort, I do applaud the initiative overall as getting wine more immediately accessible online is always a worthwhile cause. My big quandary in this was: if you’re spending all this money to develop an app, why on earth are you leaving the website and general branding of the DO in a less than particularly good state?

It appears that cooler heads have prevailed and there’s been some re-working of what were rather crusty DO websites. One of the most recent ones was DO Costers del Segre which badly needed to leave behind their “Canadian Maple Syrup logo from 1991” design and the new look I find to be sharp with ready appeal.

Now, DO Tarragona can be added to the list. As you can see above, they too had a well… “dated” look with this amphora strapped across the rather basic text for the DO. It wasn’t terrible, but it sure wasn’t amazing. The new logo and overall image takes this in a newer and much better direction.

They’ve kept the amphora but worked to integrate it instead of just fighting to stick it in there. There are some waves to symbolize the Mediterranean Sea and then the name, “Tarragona” is given a “Roman-esque” quality to evoke that this has actually been a region making wine since the days of the Romans, 2,000 years ago. In fact, for those who don’t know, Tarragona was the Roman capital of Iberia and as a side note, very much worth a visit if in Catalunya for a stay.

Created by the design firm Dockset as part of a greater competition to redesign the DO’s look, I can’t see how it won’t help to drive their image and general message a bit more. It won’t surprise me if many haven’t even heard of this DO before, but the fact you can now have a quick glance at their logo (and updated website, social media, etc.) and really “get” what their core foundation is, should go a long way in expanding their branding for the future.