“Carinyena”, the original Carignan now free to be itself

by  |  29-11-2018

Carignan doesn’t see a whole lotta love. It’s most certainly no Pinot Noir nor Chardonnay nor Cabernet Sauvignon in terms of name recognition nor pan-global wine enjoyment. It’s not even at the level of Grenache with which it dares to share the same vineyard space and is often blended with. Part of the reason it remains in the shadows is that promoting it is a bitch as there is no commonality in grape names across the regions where it’s grown. For the rare soul that knows of “Carignan” from France will they also know Mazuela or Samsó, the only two names you can legally put on a label on Spain? How about Bovale Grande from Italy? I highly doubt it. Grenache by comparison has been far more fortunate and it’s not by accident as there’s been a unified front in terms of promoting its name as a “brand”. Yes, there’s […]
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