Ocean View Internet is coworking, but doesn’t know it

Ocean View Internet in Cape Coast has a Coworking space, but doesn't know it

I was tempted to not even write this article as despite chatting with the owner of this internet cafe in Cape Coast, Ghana, he simply would not give me any kind of interview. I showed him Maneno. I showed him this blog. I showed him Maker Faire Africa. I nearly even told him I’d marry that sister of his that no one else wants because she talks too much, but stopped short as I knew that it would go nowhere and my wife would be a bit unhappy. This guy had to be one of the more closed off Ghanaians I’ve encountered. Even still, I wanted to write about the place.

Why would I want to do that when there is no view of the ocean (as the name implies), no AC, and other internet cafes in town? Quite simply because it’s a well-run internet cafe right in the center of town, which is convenient to Cape Coast local and tourist alike. They have a good selection of computers with at least a few always open and the internet, when it doesn’t do that bogging-out thing I’m getting to know well here, runs quite fast. But most importantly is that they have network hookups (cable not wifi as the later is locked) for people who bring in their laptop computers. The price to just use the net on a pay-as-you-go basis is the same. It’s something like one Cedi an hour, although I ended up paying a different rate each time I went. It’s those laptop hookups where it gets interesting though because they’ll quote a bulk rate with the shortest term of a day at 4 Cedis ($2.50 USD) and the longest term of one month at 60 Cedis ($40 USD.)

Think about that. A bunch of guys sitting around a communal place (two very long tables) with an internet connection they pay a flat fee for. Sound familiar? Of course it does as it’s exactly the same as coworking. Obviously they aren’t calling it that yet and I didn’t get the chance to tell the owner as he was too busy not giving me a proper interview. So it goes. It’s pretty cool that they starting doing this without knowing what the US and Europe is calling it nor with being coaxed in to trendiness like people in San Francisco. I’ll just be laughing if he sees this article and suddenly changes the name to Cape Coast Internet & Coworking Cafe.

I should note that I’ve found in Kumasi at Bee Busy Internet, they have connections as well, but it’s not nearly the inviting set up as it was in Cape Coast.