Pizza in Abidjan

Pizza in Abidjan

I have yet to work out the math on it just yet, but I’ve found that there is some kind of correlation between the amount of coding in a location and the amount of pizza present. I mean, say what you want about fine French (or any other) cuisine, when it comes down to it, pizza has become our base food of choice in the world, especially for coders and especially especially for expats… It’s probably one of the reasons that so much code is generated in San Francisco, although it would fail to explain why there isn’t as much in New York or Chicago. Like I said, the math isn’t quite there on this yet, but it is a fact that Debonairs does exist across the street from the iHub. Coincidence? Possibly, but definitely a delicious coincidence nonetheless even though Debonairs is the African equivalent of the US’s Pizza Hut.

This brings us to the question of pizza in Abidjan. It’s lacking; a lot. In turn, I think it’s part of the reason why the technology scene hasn’t developed so much (yeah, okay a recent civil war doesn’t help either.) Most people I know swear by a place called Sorrento’s which is down in Zone Quatre, although I find that they enjoy the atmosphere a great deal more than the actual quality of the pizza as I was not terribly impressed on my one visit there.

For my money, this place which is essentially a slightly enclosed maquis owned by a Lebanese fellow named Elio called Copa d’Elio has the best pizza in Abidjan. The best pizza in Côte d’Ivoire was actually in Yamoussoukro at a place called Brennus, but that’s a bit far to run for a good pie. Needless to say, anyone looking to establish some kind of innovation/coding/incubation hub in Abidjan should look around this spot here, just off Rue du Canal and next door to the cool-looking, yet abysmal Ché Café in Zone Quatre. I would be curious to see if my pizza = code theory plays out.

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  1. Be careful of anyone who swears by anything in Zone 04 as they often don’t know of anything outside. Most people I know give the vote to Dolce Vita, hidden away in Cocody market, near St John. My friends at the Italian embassy agree.

  2. Despite the precociously cliché name, I’ll have to have Dolce Vita a try the next time I’m in Abidjan, but much like those who swear by Zone Quatre, I pull in to question the opinion of any who work for embassies.

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