Here and There

Akendewa, which means, “spider” has been announced. It’s an organization formed to promote the internet, innovation, and workers in Francophone Africa. Sounds like a good deal to me as they’re often ignored by the Anglophone sphere of tech. Originally article is in French, but as always, Google Translate is your friend if you want to read about this initiative. Also, in full disclosure, the president of the organization, Jean-Patrick Ehouman is a Maneno board member, but I still would have written about it anyways, because it’s cool to see initiatives like these coming out of Africa instead of going in to it.
SeedCamp for Africa?
Loy Okezie muses on the recent announcement of the SeedCamp 2009 teams. If you note, absolutely none of them are from Africa despite being a very international group. Check out what Loy has to say.
Internet Cafes & Sex
This is from awhile back, but Pernille humorously makes the comparison between using USB drives in internet cafe computers in East Africa and the “thrilling” feeling of having unprotected sex (anywhere, not just Africa.) The comments are also part of the fun in the read and are (with an exception) quite good. She promises to expand on the article at some point and if you don’t follow Pernille, you should as she writes nice articles from the point of view of a Danish expat living in Dar Es Salaam.
More about Maker Faire Africa
A vehemently shameless plug for my article on the Pop!Tech blog that just got published today.