Well, that was a chance encounter

In my first full day in Ghana, I had a few things to do: get a sim card, get a decent map, find out the bus schedules to Cape Coast, see a few sites, eat a little food, and then meet up with some of the local bloggers if possible given my rather restrictive time table. As it was a Saturday that I had to do all this, the tourist offices were closed and so getting the maps was out of the question. Everything else managed to happen though, even meeting up with some folks.
The folks in question were Mac Jordan and his “gang”. Basically, they’re a group of young tech guys here in Accra who like to meet up and grab a bite in between work and living on the internet, seeing as how the best time to get online from a home connection is very late at night (like 2AM) when the pipes are a good deal more empty. As a side note, the internet cafes here have been pretty good. You get a minute here and there where everything just times out, but when it works, it works as fast as any standard connection I’ve been on in Europe or the US.
The gang, when out in the real world, are a cool group and like most Ghanaians I’ve met so far, damned fun to be around, laughing off just about everything and even managing to make fun of my ordering a chicken shawarma with a bottled water when they all had burgers with pineapple juice. I have to admit that I think I lost out on not having the juice since it’s from real pineapples which are absolutely transcendent here.
But it’s funny that when the gang showed up, there was this one fellow in the group who looked familiar for some reason. Through the introductions, I found out it was Florian who writes at Flo in Kumasi here on Maneno. While it was bizarre to meet him in Accra since he is, as the title implies, in Kumasi, the weirder part was that I was planning to meet with him Kumasi in about three days as it was. Meeting him earlier was not the only surprise though because as we sat down to eat, Kajsa Hallberg Adu was also at the restaurant. I wasn’t going to meet her until next Thursday when I was going to chat with the Ghanaian Bloggers group who again I must thank profusely for moving their monthly meeting back a week so that I could attend. So, in one day of being in Accra, I managed to met all the initial people I was planning to meet prior to the Maker Faire. Looks like it’s just time for beach in Cape Coast and kente cloth shopping in Kumasi!
I blame it all on the Accra Mall. Apparently everyone goes there.
Well, that was a chance encounter

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  1. An unofficial, unplanned meet-up turned out to very fun afta all. I enjoyed every bit of it.

  2. I had a nice time. Sorry MJ but missed out on the burgers……….lol

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