Picking your toolset accordingly

I was recently contacted by a former acquaintance who was working to deliver a digital outreach setup to an African company. At the core of this package there will be some kind of Facebook presence, a Twitter account, and a website built around WordPress.
This is a pretty solid setup, but is it the best for the circumstances of that particular company? Is it just that those who teach others to use these systems do so because they are familiar or because actually they function better than anything else, in every environment, in every corner of the world? For example, if language is an issue, how do you deal with that? Obviously when it comes to Facebook and Twitter, there aren’t that many alternatives as they’re both relatively new and emerging methods of communication. But what about blogging? It’s a pretty mature medium (officially been with us for a decade now) with various free platforms such as: Blogger, Posterous, Tumblr, Typepad, and Textpattern as possible alternatives to WordPress to name a few.
I ask these questions because I see that it’s often the case we recommend for people to use what it is that we’re familiar and comfortable with rather than what best fits the situation. It’s not to imply that someone should have a lesser product to use, but they should instead have the one that will best fit their needs and promote their online presence the best. We’re so used to saying, “Oh yeah, use this, that, and the other thing” instead of really looking at the need case. We only see that someone may not have much activity online and immediately think that they need what we discern to be the best before maybe letting them play around with things. Because they maybe want to be advanced in what they do, typing up their own HTML, or maybe they want to keep things very simple and just sms or email in an article.
This is one good outgrowth of the “free model” in the web in that we can test out a lot of different systems before deciding which one is best and that decision needs to be a great deal more in the hands of the end user. Thoughts?