You’re Nobody Cos I’m on a Boat

Awhile back David Cross pulled some stunt where he rode around in a limousine, standing out of the sun roof yelling, “Look at me! I’m in a limo! I’ve got $75! This limo is mine for two hours! Limo! $75!” Or it went something like that, since I can’t seem to find the clip on the great expansive void of video that is YouTube. Anyways, the boys behind Incredibad took this to a new level and pretty much summed up most every R&B video that involves boats, which is a surprising 78% of them.

Naturally, as I’m late to the train on this whole thing, I’ve only recently discovered Jizz in my Pants, which is only more brilliance. While something of a new take on Inner City Pressure, it’s still fresh.

3 Replies to “You’re Nobody Cos I’m on a Boat”

    1. Man, I had no idea about the Akon video, which just goes to show that it is indeed 78% of R&B videos that happen on a boat. Crazy, yo.

    2. You should get the album on Amazon. It is now only $1.99. My other favorite tracks are “We like sportz” and “Santana DVX”…

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