You’re Killing Me Sometimes Office

Argh. So, space is at a premium and when you’re just a part time contractor at a place, you kinda have to deal with what’s given. My only gripe is that it goes over the top sometimes. Take for instance one of my “sometimes offices” where I work, well, some of the time. I was in a cube for awhile when I came in and while that wasn’t that great, I am discovering that it was actually pretty good. You see, I’ve been moved to this little spot back in the corner in front of another guy’s space. It looks a little like I’ve been pad and have been put in to the corner as a “time out”. Who knows, maybe this is the case. Of course, to add insult to injury, the table that I work on wobbles like crazy and so my monitor is bouncing all over the place while I work. By the end of the day, I feel a little seasick from all the movement.
It’s only temporary I’m told. I hope that’s true since I think I’m going to go insane otherwise. It’s one of the rare moments where I praise and love the iPod for its ability to block out everything that is not me. Definitely not my prepared choice of a work environment, but given that or overhearing phone conversations with outsourcing consultants, I’ll take the iPod any day.