Your Core Demographic

It was a funny thing as I was walking to the bart yesterday morning. As I was strolling down mason street to avoid the mess that is always Powell, I walked by the Hotel Niko. There, parked out front were three cabs. There’s never anything really strange about that, since there are always cabs hovering in front of the hotels around Union Square, waiting for their latest fare. What was strange, or more eerily funny about things was that each of the cabs had advertisements for local strip joints on their roofs. I guess it says something about the clientel that may be staying in San Francisco. Maybe they’re business men looking for a good time, or maybe this was all just a coincidence.
You never know with this kind of thing. I’d hate to think that the first thing people need to see upon arrival to our fair city is the sleeze trade plying their wares. Of course, I’m walked down Broadway more than once, so I know how strong the nudie thing is here. Such an odd business with a bizarre crowd that frequents them. Or… maybe not, as those three cabs in front of the Niko were saying.