Your Age Catches Up With You

And here we are in a new year. We’ll see how this one unfolds. Even numbered years are typically pretty good for me. Not that 2005 was a crapper. It had its up and downs, ending pretty much on an up, so no regrets really.
With the world getting another year older as we perceive our place in time and space, it can’t help but remind me that in two weeks, I’ll be another year older. Still in my twenties thankfully, but this is the last hurrah for the age starting with a 2. In 2007, it’s gonna be a big 3-0, so you can understand that I’m predicting that year to be shite, a year in advance. Well, that’s not entirely true, my life tends to get better the older I get.
My reflection on age is not only brought about by the shift in the calendar, but also because I was just put in my place by a band called Roses Are Red. I know little about them except that they did a tribute to the Smashing Pumpkins song, “Cherub Rock”. Wait a minute, a tribute?!! What the whoreface is up with that?!! I remember when that album came out. I owned it! I did covers of it in my band in high school. I mean, it just came out in… oh, July of 1993. That is 12 1/2 years ago. Is this really old enough for a tribute? Seems like it’s just old enough to be on Burger King commercials of something.
I guess a rebirth of the grunge era from the early 90’s wouldn’t be all that bad. There was some really cool, creative music that came out then. It was great and it sure would beat the 80’s crap out now or the pop-wannabe tough rock of turdles like Avril Lavigne and Scott Stapp.
Okay, fine, I’ll suck it up. Bring it on. Play the hell out of Nirvana. Just make sure to do it after Courtney Love sells her rights to the songs that she was somehow mistakenly awarded.