You Stay Classy Washington State

So, despite all this crazy warm weather we’ve been having, the choice was made to stay indoors at night and enjoy the offerings of The Hidden Vine. As I’ve summed up before, they pick a different region of wine to showcase each month. This month happens to be the wines of Washington state.
Naturally, like any Californian aspiring to wine snobbery, when I heard ‘Washington’ and ‘wine’ in the same sentence, I just had to laugh. In fact, I almost didn’t even get them because I thought it was just pointless. But this little nagging voice in my head reminded me that Angela and David (the owners) do a great job in finding the best wines of any region they decide to feature. They also know that they need to keep up the high caliber of wines they offer or folks just won’t come back anymore (let me emphasize there has never been a problem in this area). So, I sucked up my native Californian pride and got the flight of reds to try.
I can’t create much of a buildup here, because they were great. However they’ve figured out to do it, these Washingtonians are putting out some tasty vino. I can’t really speak to the specific varietals that there were since we also shared a Pinot-Syrah blend from Ceja Vineyard which was heavenly and blurred the mind a great deal. But, one wine that really stuck out in the group from WA was the Cabernet Sauvignon. It was really well balanced and tasty. I am of course a complete neophyte when it comes to really knowing what a great wine is, but I enjoyed this a lot. The other two had a lot of character as well and overall, it was a great sample from The Evergreen State up north.