You know you’re getting old

It’s amazing what happens when you watch the Grammy Awards and suddenly most all of the music you hear (Celine Dion excepted) sounds pretty good and you wouldn’t mind listening to it regularly. That’s either a sign of getting old or music bending itself more to my taste. Since the music industry is pretty much run by nitwits who just care about money and the Beatles only won something like four Grammies their entire career, I’m guessing that I’m getting soft in my musical tastes, or more mainstream, or whatever you want to call it.
Don’t get me wrong, I still love Radiohead and find them to be my favorite band, but some of the other groups like Coldplay, Outkast, and hell, even Beyonce and Christina have got some catchy business happening in their tracks. You know, maybe the music industry has shifted a little. The Grammy show that I saw last night was more relaxed than any show I’ve seen in the past and it was actually entertaining for the most part, especially since Celine’s microphone started going on the fritz during her song. Most of the performers seemed to be having a much better time in the past and while you can’t really take the Grammy Awards seriously the artists who won, were, I felt probably the best choice in that category.
One other facet of the show that was uplifting were a lot of the understated and not so understated mentions of Mr. Bush and the impending election. From an Englishman endorsing John Kerry to the fellow who spoke at the end (I think he was the director of the awards or something) who said we should be looking for “Weapons of Mass Education” instead, it was very nice to see that there are indeed some intelligent people in the world and it’s not just hardcore left wingers like Michael Moore speaking out at the award shows. People genuinely hate Bush and while an angry people are a dangerous people, they are also a people that want change and with someone like Kerry potentially being the only choice to Bush, it could very well by the end of BushCo Nov. 5
On another note, the Janet Jackson comments were pretty downplayed and it seems that most people just shrugged it off as people should do for the most part. France and the rest of Western Europe must have gotten hoarse laughing at us and our prudish ways by now, so it was very nice to hear the voice of reason say shutup already.
Oh yeah, Outkast’s number was solid.