You Know, It’s Okay to be Drunk Sometimes

As I proved yet again last weekend, going out and having a little drinkie drink can be a good time. It’s not really a big deal. You drink. You have fun. You spend a bit of the next day recovering and that’s that.
For some reason, this is not okay in Hollywood and I don’t get it. To keep up that lifestyle, I would think that drinking would just be a natural. But here’s Paula Abdul still swearing up and down that she wasn’t drunk in her interview a couple weeks ago. I mean, seriously, yeah, it’s in the morning and everything, but she was having a good time. Why can’t she just admit it? Danny DeVito had no problem with his sloppiness on The View. Vince Vaughn has no problem showing up everywhere like he’s just put put through a lawnmower. So all I gotta say, is get over it. Have fun. Admit when you’re out of control and things will be a bit better. If Paula thinks that admitting to the drink will cost viewers on American Idol, she’s wrong. Simon Cowell could punch an orphan on a crutch and the people who watch that show would just say, “Oh Simon, he’s so mean.” and then tune in the next night.