You Are Freakin’ Kidding Me

This shot below was at an event at TechSoup in SF. Those nasty, dangling, hideous locks on this pudgy white guy were straying mighty close to my plate of hummus that I had sat on the floor.
I know there are those out there who think these things are beautiful. I worked with a guy who thought they were beautifully amazing, but in reality, they’re disgusting. I’ve butchered farm animals and had to move things that have been dead for two weeks out in a field. My stomach is strong, but when this kind of crap comes casually swaying towards me, I just can’t eat. Knock it off whiteys! Caucasian hair is not meant to do this.
You Are Freakin' Kidding Me

2 Replies to “You Are Freakin’ Kidding Me”

  1. wow your fucking ignorant!

    dreads are perfectly clean! just like with normal hair some people wash it some people don’t that’s why some dreads can be unpleasant depends on the owner!

    second before coming on here and making yourself sound like a fucking idiot maybe do your homework on the history of dreadlocks and why people get them! they are a big part of a religion. go read up on it you may learn something

    1. Nope, they’re dirty, filthy, disgusting, unclean, dog turded hair. And all of you who quote “history” know nothing of what you speak. The “history” was never for white asswipes to be wearing them. You’re a joke and all the rest of you in your “religion” that seems to be full of illiterate people who can’t spell. Shut up. Shave your dreads. Go to school.

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