So here it is, as you read this, I… am in Yosemite National Park. Oh yeah, big whooping deal you’re thinking. You’re totally a Californian dude, you’ve been there like a million times, done the bong thing like up on top of Half Dome and all that. No, no I have not. I’ve never been to the park before. Sad? Yes.
I have no good excuse. It was a bit of a drive from my hometown, but not that bad. I don’t really have a fear of bears, or the outdoors, or deer, or wolves, but yet, I’ve never been. I suppose it is all just a weird confusion of things that has led to it never happening.
I’ve been to plenty of parks in CA before, just not this one. I’m not sure what I’ll get out of the trip other than seeing what it’s really like when tourists stank up a national park as they do. But, it will be good to see the place and just do it. Unfortunately I will not be doing the Half Dome hike (all 17 freakin’ miles of it) because there just isn’t time. But, the park isn’t going anywhere and there’s always next year or just about anytime except when it snows. You’re not really going anywhere up there when it snows.