Yes, This Has a Point

If you haven’t seen the new X-Men movie, do so and enjoy. It’s a good film. Not as good as the first two (of which I thought the second was the best) but still an enjoyable film to watch. You will be joining the hordes of folks who are watching that and not The Break-Up. It seems that Aniston is a curse for any film, since Vince Vaughn can save just about anything except the remake of Psycho.
But, as far as X-Men goes, stay around through the parade of credits at the end including (and I’m not effin’ kidding) 60+ stunt people. There is a surprise scene tucked away at the end. For it to make the most amount of sense, pay close attention to a lecture that Xavier is giving to some students earlier on in the film.
Yes, I’m drifting further to my point which takes on its next tangent with Famke Janssen, who I didn’t realize was 40 now and have been madly in love with ever since she was on TNG. I love the tall ladies. I love the European ladies. I love the brunette ladies. Famke is all of those and Dutch as well, not that that has really made any difference. It is kind of funny to think that her and Patrick Stewart have a long past together. I’m sure the irony was not lost on them. And as I was rolling through her film credits where she plays any number of kick ass women, I noticed GoldenEye where she plays Xenia Onatopp. This is a Russian killer woman assasin chick. She did well in the part, but it got me thinking…
Why are all the Russian women in the James Bond films not played by Russian women? If your idea of the Russian ladies is still buff washer women out in the fields, then you’re an idiot and you should refer to my Babushka bit. But really, there are countless very talented Russian girls out there who can act their asses off and I’m sure they won’t cost as much as the bigger Hollywood names. Maybe they think they need a big woman’s name in the credits, but really, you don’t. It’s Bond. People watch it just for that. Maybe if you did cast some Ruskaya, the films might get better again. Did you think of that?!! No, of course not, you were too busy figuring out where you went wrong remaking Casino Royale. And yes, it is a good try casting Ivana Milicević in what appears to be a Russian role, and she’s hot, but she still isn’t Russian.