Yelp at the Devil

When doing a recent web development gig, I was introduced to the folks who create Yelp which is basically a place for people to submit reviews of places in several US cities. They shun the name “community site” which I suppose it isn’t. The best way to kind of sum it up is to say that they took all the blogs out there, stripped out all the crap about what people did in the shower and ended up with useful, personal information.
I’ve been reviewing a bit on there and I find it to be a useful spot for when I want to find out what people think about somewhere, because honestly, newspaper reviews are pretty lame and non-applicable to me. While there are other places that have some comments areas set up like this, the only one that seems to come close is Citysearch. While the breadth of information is greater than Yelp, it is so much more of a directory system that doesn’t have the warm-fuzzy quality to it like Yelp.
Join up if you haven’t, find me (I’m a Michael H.), and be my friend. I can always use more friends. Man, can I use more friends…