Yee Haw!

So, I’ve finally picked up an award last night for a film I did. It only took 11 years, but hey, who is counting? Taste picked up third place at the Rogue Ales Film Festival. Apparently, it would have picked up 2nd place, but some rowdy booze hounds from Chico got that with their film “Reno”. It was fairly beaten by a very good film called, “Fishbowl” that picked up first however.
The prize for my efforts? Well, that would be a free case of 22 ounce beers from Rogue Ales. Not too shabby really as it’s good beer.
I’m more than happy that the film was well received and that people who weren’t involved with the production or are related to me saw it. That’s all one can really hope for in this nutty, film production world now. Okay, enough free Rogue brew for me tonight. Time to crash.