d’Off deux

It appears that what started out as rumors this morning are actual truths this afternoon in that those of us living in Côte d’Ivoire are returning to the land of délestage. It’s an interesting land full of darkness and no water due to the pumps also being cut. They claim that the water pumps will be spared in this go round, although I’m sure that’s just in Abidjan where there actually exists separate power grids. For those of us in Podunk (ie, the rest of the country) we will most likely lose power to the pumps again.

I suppose that I can in general live with it, as long as it is managed better. Ideally, two four hour cuts per day would be a lot better than one eight hour as when sticking to four hours, your fridge will maintain cool, some water will stay in the pipes, and your mind will not start to go insane due to lack of fan in the heat of the day. But, that would entail work and the reason that there is this mess because any number of people aren’t doing their work and actually planning these things to go smoother by sprinkling a dash of predictability as to when the rolling blackouts absolutely must happen.

If I sounds like I’m tired of it, then I sound correctly as it makes it very hard to get much work done when you’re losing power all time. The Ivoirians are tired of it as well, given that this is the first year that it’s been so bad and most likely a side effect to the currently deteriorating political situation. Editor in Chief wrote up a number of the things people said at a past town hall meeting during the previous blackouts and it’s interesting to see that people really think through their arguments. If this had been the US, there just would have been a lot of screaming and drawing Hitler mustaches on photos of whomever people thought was in charge. In the end, nothing they said made a difference, but at the same time, neither does a Hitler mustache.

Anyways, off to fill up the water buckets again and make sure all my laptop batteries are charged