Writin’ Bout Wine

In case those who read here often (and yes, I know that there might be two of you who do), you may realize that I haven’t been posting all that much. Part of it is because I’m in Europe at the moment and I’m skipping from one open wifi network to the next, thieving bandwidth wherever possible. The other reason is that I’m writing for a tea maker who will be publishing the writings at some point in the future. And the other reason is that I’m writing for a wine importer who I do a bit of internet work for. Specifically, I’m writing about wines around the Mediterranean. It’s a pretty choice gig, I’ve got to admit. I roll in to some beautiful coast somewhere, find the vineyards, taste and then write about. Sometime after tasting, I usually hit up a beach and try to get rid of my farmers’ tan.
So, if you’re interested, take a peek at Blue Danube Wine’s Blog and you can see some work that Elia and I have been doing.
Writin' Bout Wine