Worst Movie Poster, Ever

In the standard parade of parallel development that is going on in Hollywood, whether due to a lack of imagination or just trying to cash in on ideas that might make money, another airline thriller (like Red Eye) is coming out called, Flightplan. It stars Jodie Foster, but you’d have to be a blind border collie not to know that since the poster is pretty much just her face.
This is one of those things which has been irking me for a long time. A movie gets a big name in it and instead of making a creative poster, they just stick the star’s face in there. It tells you nothing about the film other than the fact that star is in it. I have no interest in seeing a film that tells me that much. Do you? Well, if you do, just pretend like you don’t and it will make this more entertaining.
I have to say that this new poster is probably the worst kind of star poster that I’ve ever seen. It even beats out Sylvia which I had thought of as the worst for a long time, since I don’t partiularly care for Gwenneth Paltrow and having her face on a poster for a movie about Sylvia Plath when she doesn’t really look like her is a waste of ink.
Flightplan (larger view) takes the cake because Ms. Foster tells us nothing in this shot other than the fact she’s afraid of something and possibly a bit constipated judging by the look on her face. There’s some swirly light crap in the background, but I have no idea what this is. It looks like a haunted mansion of something. So, I have to assume that this is a film about frightening bowel movements (or lack thereof) that take place on flights? I don’t want to watch that. For all of us who have made intercontinental flights, we know how messed up our systems get and to watch a feature length film about that just doesn’t seem very appealing.
Honestly, there are times when it seems that whatever marketing group who came up with the promotional material for the film did so without actually watching the film. Then there are times, like with Alien or Being John Malkovich where it seems like they really get it. Just remember folks, less is more. You tease me with things and I’m intrigued. You show me a picture of someone I’ve seen thousands of times and I just don’t give a rip.