Word of Warning

I just recently saw this rather attrocious piece of junk called The Real World – The Lost Season. The girl and I were looking through the local rental store things that seemed interesting and we came across this. It was about a Real World Vancouver which was never aired due to difficulties. We thought it’d be interesting, kind of a Lost in La Mancha (which is excellent) meets Real World San Francisco (which definitely had its problems.
So, from the start, we realized that these weren’t real people. They were all actors playing stereotypes on your standard characters on The Real World. Okay, so it wasn’t off to a great start, but maybe it will be tongue in cheek. MTV did produce Election and has some kind of sense of humor when it comes to larger scale production.
Nope, didn’t go that way. These people were just back actors, trying to play normal people and it wasn’t done in a funny enough, or schtiky enough way to make it funny, ironic, or show that MTV could laugh at themselves.
Ultimately the group gets kidnapped by some guy who had been turned down from the Real World and he holds them captive to be his own Real World. The guy playing the villain was actually good, but all he really did was emphasize how bad everyone else was.
Overall, it was a good premise. Not very original, since it smacked of Blair Witch, but it could have been good, funny, scary, dramatic or a whole bunch of thigns, but ultimately failed. Definitely, in the end a flick not to be rented. Not as bad as Spielberg’s A.I. which I think is the worse movie ever created, but certainly pretty poor.