Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Panellets?!!

With all the election business, we forgot about what really matters: celebrations with food. November 1st has come and passed and for those following Catalan ways, that means it was All Saints Day and Panellets. Celebrations of All Saints vary wildly from region to region, but in Catalonia, it means that you start out with a bit of Cava and then eat some delicious sweets with a bit of dessert wine. Naturally you do this with friends and you only eat these sweets on this day.
Panellets (or ‘little breads’ in Catalan) are little tasty little buggers. The most common being one comprised of a mix of marzipan and yam on the inside with pine nuts on the outside. If you were to compare them to anything else, you’d have a hard time other than to say, “cookies” which would really be completely wrong. They’re not sickeningly sweet and they are each unique in flavor. For those wishing to sin and eat them outside the 1st of November, you can usually pick the up at Caelum in Barcelona. Outside of that location, I’m rather lost. Not even Hipster Central (yelp) is of any help in this case. So, if you’ve had them, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.
Won't Somebody Please Think of the Panellets?!!