Winner of Nominations?

So, besides Bush’s rather confusing “Intention of weapons of mass whatever whatever thing” I think that we’re starting to lose grip of reality just a little bit more.
I just saw an ad for “Big Fish”. This is Tim Burton’s latest film and I’ll gladly admit that it’s a warm, tender film, which keeps his style, but at the same time is very palatable and interesting. It’s a rewarding movie to watch and to see that Burton can return back to small budget filmmaking and make something good.
But, there’s this weird little bit with advertising people. Naturally they need to get people to go watch Tim’s film and since the Golden Globe nominations recently came out, they’re using that as an advantage. “Big Fish” received four nominations, but on a commericial for the film they stated it as, “Winner of four Golden Globe Nominations!” Since when the hell did an award nomination become an award unto itself? Honestly, I think I’ve seen the ad before and glossed over the fact that they’ve said that. There may even be other films that are doing the same thing and it’s a truly screwy deal.
I think that even if some people got their way and made english the national language of the United States, it would be a gesture too late in the making, since we seem to have forgotten what the words in the language actually mean. Crazy.