Winery Adventures

Over the past weekend we went up to Napa and traversed the Valley in search of free booze. For those who don’t know, it generally costs a lot to go there since nearly all of the wineries charge for tastings and a “taste” [grrr] is all you get these days. The worst has to be Niebaum-Coppola which is something like eight or ten dollars for a tasting now. Oh but wait, you get to keep the glass. Whoop dee doo. They should pay you for that because then they don’t have to clean them.
But, if you’re lucky like us, you’ll find some deals here and there. We happened upon Beringer when they were having their Cellar Sale which apparently means free tastings of all that’s on sale. Good deal for us, since we got to down a lot of free wine that I wouldn’t have otherwise paid for as I’m not a tremendous Beringer fan, but hey, if it’s free, I’ll usually drink it.
Then there was a fluke. Well, actually it’s always the case that tastings are free at V. Sattui but it’s such an anomoly in Napa that it kinad freaks you out. But, the wine is actually good. They really don’t need to provide free tastings, but it certainly doesn’t hurt business as people hang around and buy large amounts of the wine. It also goes to show the absolute greed that wineries have stooped to. It’s amazing that they still get it, but people keep paying and so they keep charging. I’m one of the few that refuses to pay and I even haves friends at some wineries where I can get occassional discounts, so I suppose I don’t fall in to the whole wine snob thing since I find $10 to be about the most I want to spend on a bottle.
There are also more pictures in photos if you wanted to see some more of the adventure.