Wild, Wild Weather

Freakin' Big Hail I recently said to a friend that the weather in San Francisco is like an old dog in that you really just don’t know what it’s going to do next. While it seems that things have stabilized a bit now and we’ll head in to some somewhat Springtime weather soon, that hail storm (pictured) was something else to behold. I know that it’s even snow briefly here, but I didn’t get to see that because I was still living in the East Bay then.
The big thing that always cracks me up is the ho-hum attitude people take to weather changes when they drive. They’ll just keep putting along doing 90 or whatever and not really pay any attention to the fact that there is ice, or snow, or let’s just say… a cow in the road. This is something that is just endemic to San Francisco though as folks in my hometown can handle a bit of rain and definitely the occasional cow.
Naturally this is nothing like what they get hit with in the Midwest where a freakin’ tornado came down on them earlier today. I have yet to understand why that are is even populated anymore with how drastic and horrid their weather seems to be. I guess this is why there are a lot of transplants on both coasts. Of course, the one big difference is that folks there, know how to drive there!