Why Can’t Americans Sit Still?

A recent article about cellphone jamming reminded me about something that was overwhelming upon my long sojourn in Europe and that was the fact that Americans simply can’t sit still. As a people, we always need something occupying us these days. Idle time is wasted time seems to be the general mindset of any and all of us.
I mean, I’m guilty of it just as much as anyone else. I’m always on email and I always have a computer on it seems. I also have a cellphone, although I’ve cut down to the cheapest plan possible because I’m sick of using it. But, being away from Wired America and unplugging for longer chunks of time that an hour made me painfully aware of how annoying we are. Have you ridden a bus or the subway lately? If people aren’t plugged in to an iPod, they’re on the phone. Then there are those that are even doing both. Then of course, there is that one particular group who can’t sit still on the Bart, walking from car to car doing… I don’t know what other than not sitting still. Pay attention to those folks the next time you ride Bart. You’ll see who I’m talking about.
But, the reason that the cellphone jamming story reminded me of all of this is that there is a segment that is trying to fight back by taking away peoples’ precious yet meaningless technology. Naturally, it is completely illegal to jam a cellphone signal, even within the confines of your own business. But, it is becoming obvious that there are those of us who realize that we’re heading down a path to over-broadcasted and interconnected oblivion.
Ultimately, I don’t know what the endgame will be and maybe there is none. We’ll all just keep plugging in more and more until we reach The Singularity that everyone keeps chatting about. Sounds like fun. We’ll probably even have Facebook around to pass virtual beers to one another.
Why Can't Americans Sit Still?

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  1. I think the Koreans are way ahead of us Californians. My one and only visit to Korea (South that is) was in about 1995 and already it seemed that two out of three persons in a restaurant or on the street had cell phones in hand… Jim, near Sacramento…

    1. Yeah, all of Asia is generally ahead of the US in cellphone technology and thusly usage is much higher, since the immersion in a wireless environment is complete. It would indeed by nice if we could get the data connection speeds that they have in Japan or in South Korea on our phones, but given the monopolies in the US, any kind of advancement of the technology is a long, long way off.

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