Why your wine list sucks

See that guy there with the hat and ponytail? That would be a San Francisco hipster and he would be the reason why your wine selection is squalid at the restaurant that you’re dining at while you are obviously reading this article.

These guys make me nutty. I’ve seen them at tastings, hipstering it up and just chugging one glass of wine after another and getting drunk. While this may sound like fun, it doesn’t allow for sound wine choices. If you don’t spit, you really can’t taste anything after a few of these tastes and so you just choose whatever you can still taste, which is in effect going to be some of the most blunt wine.

While most everyone in the wine world has lesser or greater degrees of self-teaching, these guys are over the top. I really don’t get what wine background they have and what enables them to call themselves a “somme” (short for sommelier, yes, it really does sound stupid) but there they are, making the calls for any number of restaurants. So, the next time you’re wondering why the $50 wine you just took of a sip of sucks, just remember the hat… ah, and the tattoos, can’t forget those.