Whoa, What Happened?

Yeah, things kinda look a little different right now. No, it’s not goofed up, I’m just trying to accommodate having photos that are 600 pixels wide instead of 400. If you haven’t ventured there yet, take a look, they’s a bigger and I have to say, definitely better.
So, what’s a web geek to do when you want a bigger image? Shift the whole site around of course. It’s a bit of a work in progress and I might change things here and there because I’m not quite sold on it just yet. This would be about version 5.2 or something of the site which is now prominently displayed there now because you gotta know if I’ve effed something up and when it was better. The real deal will be when I get version six up and running and someday I really need to work more on that design. It will work a lot better with the bigger photos format which is admittedly shoehorned in there at present time. Still mighty big though!
Unfortunately because I don’t really have time to deal with properly reformatting all the pictures that came before, I’ve done a very hacky, very Old Web thing and re-rendered photos that had already been rendered. So, anything that’s a bit older does not look as good as it could. Someday or perhaps just as I find time, I’ll work backwards and fix up all of the old stuff. It is pretty funny to look through it as I go back and see some of my old photos. Nice to see that at least one art form in my life is still making some progress.