Whoa! My PageRank Got Pawn3d!

Damn, what happened? I was doing so well with my PageRank (Google importance ranking system) and now I’ve gotten hosed a bit. I even wrote about how cool it was how high my rank was, but I now need to retract a great deal of that unfortunately…
For some reason, I’ve sunk to an honorable, yet lowly four on both the .com and the .net when they both used to be fives. I’m not sure what gives, but I’m apparently not alone as another site I maintain went from a six to a five. Maybe Google has readjusted their percentages based on the number of sites that exist now or something? Who knows. Google does what Google does. And really, it’s a pretty damned geeky thing to be concerned about. I think I was just more in to the holy crap factor about having a rank that high when all I do is post tea reviews, travel photos, and my blathering on this space for all to see. There is some merit in this, yes, but apparently Google has schooled me in the fact that there is only so much.

3 Replies to “Whoa! My PageRank Got Pawn3d!”

  1. Well, then what does it mean when http://www.hudin.com traffic rank is 1,962,097 (not in top 100,000) on Alexa.com??

    My myspace website is apparently a 6, but it’s only been viewed over a few hundred times.


    1. Ugh, Alexa… That thing should just be put down. I think I could get together a group of 20 friends and come up with a listing that’s more accurate. Actually, I know I could. In fact, that’s my Web 2.0 startup. http://www.siterankr.com
      Also for your MySpace, that’s ranking for the entire site I believe, which is another problem with Alexa. PageRank actually ranks each page individually.

    2. My page rank is zero, but so is the page rank of some people who think they are 10’s or something. Other people who deserve 10’s have page ranks of zero. Ah well. I guess the point is simply that either you are genuinely coooool or you’re a dork.

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