Who is Németh Kornél and Why Does He Control Sopron’s Hotels?

At the moment, #1 Fan and are I are working on planning a little trip to Hungary after a little trip to the Czech Republic at the end of June. She has already visited Prague and Budapest, so this is a revisiting for her, but a new trip for me. The one place that is new to both of us, is Sopron.
I know little about the town except what is written in my guidebook I checked out from the library that has since expired (yeah, I know you can renew online, but some other cheap bugger reserved it, so I’m losing $4 on this deal). It seems nice, quaint, and most importantly, surrounded by some of the best vineyards in Hungary and Austria. These are always the ingredients for a good trip in Europe for us. It seems that the only downside to Sopron is what appears to be mafia control of online hotel bookings.
I tried two hotels at first: Jégverem and then a few days later, Palatinus. I got a reply from Jégverem first, which was that they were full and that they could offer me another at 50€ a night, which was a wee tad expensive for a small room in a small town. Then I heard back from Palatinus which also told me that they were full, but there was this ‘other’ hotel that I could try for again, 50€. I didn’t think anything of this until I realized that these were the same hotels I was being referred to. Looking closer, I saw that the email for them was from the same guy, Németh Kornél or more likely, Kornél Németh as the Hungarians always put the family name first.
I have no idea who this guy is, but he seemed hell-bent on having people reserve at this other hotel, which while a decent price, isn’t that well priced and pretty much eliminates ones choice when booking a hotel. Now, if you actually call the hotels, things are a bit different. The first was indeed booked, but the second wasn’t and we were able to book a room, although it wasn’t that cheap in the end, so we canceled it in favor of another hotel that wasn’t routed to the hospitality brokerage of the Németh family.
All of this makes me wonder what’s going on in Sopron with hotels and how this small town manages to have a good number of its hotels managed by this one guy. I guess I will shortly be finding out what is going on, although I’m guessing we’ll be too busy bouncing around the grape lands to really care in the end.
Who is Németh Kornél and Why Does He Control Sopron's Hotels?

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  1. I think I know who this mysterious Kornel Nemeth might be…
    I have also sent a reservation query to the Jegverem hotel and got an answer from our K.N., but… in e-mail to me he included e-mail to him from the guy that probably (it’s in Hungarian) asks him to tell me that there are no rooms left.

    Wow… that’s a bit complicated sentence ;)

    So Kornel Nemeth might be just a person that speaks English, as opposed to the hotel staff that got my mail.

  2. Sopron is full of mafia.. shops, restaurants, beauty farms, dentists.. the whole town relys on the old austrian people which come there for shopping.
    Bad quality products and bad food, if you want to visit the real Hungary you have to travel 50 km south or east of budapest everything else is fake.

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