Whitey’s last stand

While most people in liberal circles have been moping around about the results from Tuesday’s election, I find a certain solace in them. No, it’s not because I enjoy the thought of the Republicans having control of the House as that’s quite unfortunate, as that was unavoidable. Obama put in to motion a number of massive changes that people were bound to balk against as people in the US don’t like being told what’s good for them.

I’m much more intrigued by the fact that I think 2010 will mark the end of broad, sweeping white power in politics in the US. There are those that say it ended with Obama’s election, but let’s be honest, the man was a half-black American that still-racist whites could accept to some degree. What was really needed to show how feeble the white hold on the country is, was the Tea Party. This group of nutty white Americans who hark to the 1773 roots of this country in not wanting to pay taxes were the last gasp of a desperate white America to trying cling on to power however it can.

I mean, let’s face it, the Tea Party were and are wickedly right wing. They ran on platforms of fearmongering, taxmongering, socialismongering, and ultimately racism. And that’s it. They had to stoop to massive extremes to pull in the votes that they did and these votes went to a pool of people who, while branded as a fresh voice in politics, were completely incompetent. This will in turn lead to voter frustration and most likely, a great number of them being voted out in two years.

Tied in to this fact is that the 2010 census will be coming out soon and it will undoubtedly show that yes, there are indeed less white people in the US. This will in turn work to empower those who felt like they didn’t think they had any voice previously and we’ll see more non-whites come to power, which really, is a good thing given the squalid job that whitey has done as of late.

Whitey's last stand