Where’s the Beef? Maui, that’s where.

I don’t normally eat too much red meat. I don’t know why I got on this kick, but it probably had to do with the fact that it’s one of the least healthy meats you can eat in the US and it’s all raised on corn, which is unnatural. Of course, every so often, I get a steak or a burger, if I know the meat is incredibly high quality, so I’m not adverse to it; I just don’t make it a lifestyle.

For the current trip here in Hawaii, this has all changed. Why? Because the beef here is simply some of the best tasting meat that I’ve ever had. It’s just succulent and full of flavor. It’s like that that ad where they say, “Happy cheese comes from happy cows and happy cows are in California.” Well, just think how happy a cow is for being in Hawaii. You can taste that happiness with each tasty bite.

So far, we’ve only had the beef offer in Maui and that may be the best. Whether it’s a steak or a burger or a plate lunch in Lahaina, it’s all damned good stuff. But, the fact that this is so good has even made me branch out a bit and I’ve been eating some fish as well because it has turned out to be really good as well. It is true that nothing is super cheap. For instance, lunch in a basic place is going to be a minimum of $8 a person without drinks, but for now, it’s all worth it.

Oh, and happy 31st birthday to me!

Where's the Beef?  Maui, that's where.

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  1. Happy Birthday Michael! Sretan rodjendan! What a great place to celebrate it…

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