Where to Eat?

By complete accident, I stumbled, on the restaurant violation listings for downtown San Francisco. You can get to other areas by changing the number after Loc_dist, but I was too lazy to figure out the referring page for all of this that’s on the main Public Health site, but it’s gotta be there. This is all decently informative and it seems to list about every place I’ve ever eaten at.
One that stood out was El Gran Taco where I’ve eaten in the past and has made me quite ill. Other friends of mine have had a similar experience and it appears that this report from last year shows they’re not so good. Unsuprisingly, an upscale place like Fleur De Lys seems to be in good shape, while one of my favorite sandwich shops, Molinari’s has been pretty abyssmal in taking care to well… take care.
Some violations are minor on the page and some are not. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory as to what everything is. It’s not the grading system that I really wish we had here, like they do in Los Angeles, but it’s not bad. Makes me not want to eat out though.