Where is This All Going?

All right, I’ve been bitching about that, trying to sleep off this and while I tend to ramble here and there about things, you might be wondering as to why I’m focusing so much on film-related things as of late.
Yes, it’s true I just helped out my bud on his shoot for his short, “Postal”, but that’s not the reason. That was just to help, since Paul has been such a big help to me over the years on my shoots, which is the real reason for all of this; I’m shooting another film.
This one is called Flamenco_Singer and it’s well… about a Flamenco singer and a woman who attempts to date him. Really it’s just an exercise in how much dating in San Francisco drives me crazy. I suppose I’m lucky in that I can focus it in to a creative endeavor with a tangible result while others just go out drinking. I’m certainly not above drinking away my woes, but I tend to like to have something capable of being typed on in front of me for the duration.
So, here I am. I’ve got my script. I’m casting in a week and a half and shooting in about three. It should go quite well. It better go well. This will be the fourth freakin’ short I’ve shot. They’ve definitely gotten progressively better, so that’s always cool like (being drunk at) school.
My thing is that if I don’t have something to send in to Sundance to get rejected each year, I’m really not doing film.