When the ‘Taxes’ are more than the Ticket

For those who can manage to rub two nickels together these days and are sick of being trapped without a job, might I suggest a trip to Mexico? I’m just saying because on the right routes, trips are incredibly cheap at the moments. On Mexicana, the fare from San Francisco to Mexico City is $295 round trip, taxes including, non-stop. That’s pretty super, but of course that price is pretty funny when you look at it.
Of this price, $139 is the actual ticket price. The rest, $155.88 is taxes and shitz. I guess I can’t really bitch too much as the price is so low and there isn’t any 9/11 security tax that I get punched with on European tickets, but still, isn’t this a bit much? But how is it that the “taxes” are actually more than the ticket? Such things I’ll probably never solve, especially as right now I have to dig out my poncho and drinkin’ boots. It’s gonna be a whoopin’ good time south of the border, ya hear?
When the 'Taxes' are more than the Ticket