When did ‘shit-tonne’ become standard?

It happened twice last weekend. When qualifying some large amount of measure, the phrase, “shit-tonne” was invoked. It seems like it was just a few short years ago that “shitload” was the preferred measure of all things vast i.e. “There is a shitload of plastic in the Pacific Ocean.”

I’m not really sure when it happened. I’m not even sure if the tonnes in question are US or Metric although I assumed metric as it gives a greater overall weight when invoked. All I know is that since being back from Africa, it’s shit-tonne all the way.

On a certain level, I appreciate this new quantifier as it is much more accurate than “load” which was nebulous to say the least. One man’s “load” could be another’s “dump” after all. Now at least we know that the item in question is being compared to shit that is in the amount of 1,000kg and hey, that’s pretty useful.