When doing the right thing is just stupid


My general thinking on found money is that if it’s just money, it’s free game. Thus my retirement plan is to stumble across a suitcase of money someday with no ID. Shockingly, this hasn’t happened yet and I usually just find myself in the situation such as yesterday wherein I went shopping in Reus (the nearest point of proper civilization to my village) and came across a wallet lying in the street.

Upon opening the wallet, there was 50€ and an ID card of a woman, meaning that this was to be returned. I would have dropped it off at the nearest police station but Spanish IDs have the address on them and given that it was a village just outside of Reus somewhat on my way back home, I thought myself to be extremely awesome and would just stop by and return it in person to save the woman who lost it some trouble.

When I arrived to the village, I easily found the address on the church square and rang one of the apartments. Once inside the building I didn’t see her name on any of the mailboxes which wasn’t a good sign. An older woman who I had randomly rang came down and after explaining whose wallet I had found, in typical village fashion, she told me that this woman didn’t live there anymore but that her aunt lived two streets over. Whether in Africa, Europe, or I assume, Asia, everyone in a village knows everyone else.

Thus I traipsed over to the other house. The aunt was home and when asked where this woman now lived, she told me Reus. At that moment, in realizing I had found the wallet in front of a small apartment building, I realized that she had probably dropped it when coming back from shopping and getting her keys out. Whatever the case, I left it with this aunt to deal with.

The important moral in this story is that Spaniards do not update the address on their ID cards when they move. Don’t ask me how they deal with voting or any other number of things, but this is how it is. So, if finding a lost wallet somewhere and wanting to be a good Samaritan, drop it off at the local police station and save everyone a whole lot of trouble. Naturally, I feel that this has gotten me no closer to my abandoned suitcase of cash.