What’s in your Pockets?

Despite the general assumption that it’s always freezing in San Francisco, there really is a Winter season. It happens to be about nine months long, I like it, and I have clothes for it. When that season passes, I tuck stuff away for the blissful Summer of foggy mornings and light sweater days.
This being the case, I put on a jacket I hadn’t work in awhile. It’s weird the crap you collect in your pockets when you aren’t looking. I happened to be the proud owner of two used SF Ballet tickets from Program 8 or last season, 41 Slovenian Tolarev, and a Johnnie Walker pin.
A somewhat odd collection that should be explained. The tickets don’t really need to be explained. I’m sure we all have this “shocking” discovery from tiem to time unless you never go anywhere. The Slovenian money, which in American terms is about 25 cents was left there from my trip in April. Not surprising I had forgotten about it, since it’s A) Kinda worthless here and B) Soon to be kinda useless in Slovenia with them going to the Euro at the end of the year.
Now, the Johnnie Walker pin is a more interesting story. Actually, I had written about it previously and supposedly if you wore this pin when out and about the dude at the event thing would buy you a Walker neat. Why you would actually want this is beyond me, since it’s complete shat Scotch. Then again, I like the Scottish, but I don’t like Scotch.
When all summed up, it made for a very weird group of memories and I’m sure is the reason why I can’t remember the Croatian days of the week right now. Ponedjeljak, utorak, srijeda, četvrtak, petak, subota, uh…