What’s in a Name?

I watched “American Splendor” for the first time recently. I know, I know, way behind the times, but I have a lot of movies to catch up on. Thank god for Netflix!
Anyways, there was this bit where Paul Giamatti playing Harvey Pekar does something of a monologue about his name and what an odd name it is. I’ve often had the same musings about my own name as it’s pretty rare. My first name, “Michael” sure isn’t and I have that as a testament to parents who were conservative on that one point in their lives of having children with “normal” names. I’m Michael, my brother is Christopher and together we’re just about the most common Caucasian names on the face of the planet.
Then there’s my last name, which is such a weird anomaly. “Hudin” just isn’t found much here. There may be only 10 or so people with this last name in the whole country. I had some pride and also some odd feelings with being what appears to be the only Michael Hudin in the entire world. So, it came as some shock one day when I came across another one of me in Texas of all places. It was some odd sites for models or amateur actors.
Now, there are a good many sites out there that scam off others sites and I wonder if they grabbed my name from imdb and are claiming it as their own information. This could quite possibly be true and it could also be that there really is another being out there with my same exact name. It’s been weirding me out for awhile, especially as in the web logs for this site, a good number of people search for “hudin” or even “michael hudin” and I have no idea why anyone would want to do that. I’d like to think that I’m that important and amazing, but in reality, I’m just some guy chirping away on his website and trying to make it in film. Maybe there really is this other guy in Texas and they’re all looking for him, which sucks because I’ve obviously overwhelmed him in net pressence. To which I say: Boo. Yah.