What’s All This About Biodynamic?

Biodynamic agriculture is nothing new (in fact, it’s based on really old principles) but I’ve only really heard about it since the start of this year. A very excited and blustery Slovenian by the name of Aleš Kristančič, who owns the Movia Winery started talking about it at a wine dinner I was at. His winery practices it and he made a great deal about how others are coming to him to learn how to do it.
It got me wondering as to what it was. At first I guessed it was just a different name for ‘organic’ food growing. But, this was only part of it as it takes organic and goes beyond it to create a completely enclosed system for producing whatever it is that you want to produce.
For instance, a local wine producer in Sonoma, Benziger, grows all of their wines biodynamically. They’re to the point where they even have Demeter certification, which as I understand it is that biodynamic equivalent of being certified organic, albeit a much trickier thing to accomplish. I’m not sure if it plays in to it, but they certainly make very fine wines up there.
Beyond these wine examples, I received an email today from Numi Tea stating that some part of their teas were now offered as biodynamic certified. I definitely smell something of a buzzword with this because as Evil Blue (Walmart) starts selling organic items, it will cheapen the whole term and maybe at some point negate it. Because biodynamic requires so much more work, thus decreasing the bottom line, I could never see a major retailer like them touching it. And this, is quite fine by me.